Performance Company

Our award winning performance company is the main income generating wing of the organization. Proceeds (after paying the artists fees), go back into the organization and our core programs.
The performance company are an ensemble of some of the most talented artists in the country, many of whom have come through the Barefeet training and programs. They provide entertainment for any event, function or special occasion including; corporate events, parties, launches, festivals or community sensitization projects. We work with hundreds of performers throughout Zambia and have the expertise to suit any function. Our performances can be small or large scale depending on the need. To date some of our largest performances have been; Opening the National Arts Council of Zambia Ngoma Awards 2012, the kwacha re-basing ceremony 2013 (both aired live of national TV), several large scale productions at one of Lusaka’s main shopping malls ‘Manda Hill’, and the ‘Access to Justice’ sensitization program.
Barefeet has performed for dignitaries such as; Bill Clinton, Princess Anne and Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon.

The Performance Company has also performed throughout Europe at the ‘Contacting the World’ international Theater Festival tour in 2008, at Grahamstown Arts Festival in South Africa, and in 2013 we will be making our debut at Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA), Zimbabwe.
Barefeet performers specialize in various art forms such as; traditional dance, contemporary dance, circus, puppetry, fire eating, stilt walking, popular theater, music, drumming, song, acrobatics, and storytelling or can provide a spectacle comprising of all these elements. We can also provide workshops in any of the above for those who want to learn.

Barefeet also holds an annual fundraising Christmas show at The Lusaka Playhouse, Zambia’s national theatre which is attended by over 3,000 members of the public, children from many of Lusaka’s international schools, as well as the young people we work with including those still living on the streets. Funds for the young people to see the show are raised through sponsorship from local businesses, and money raised from the shows go back into the organization.

Inspiring a Generation
The performance company is also an inspiration to the children and young people we work with, and for many their goal is to be part of the professional performance wing. This gives the young people a target to aim for, and is often one of the reasons young people remain engaged with the Barefeet programs and interventions. Many of our most talented performers have come through the Barefeet outreach, intervention workshops and trainee programs, and today form a crucial part of the company. The performance company is key to our income generation, the sustainability of the organization and the young people we work with.

Want to make your event stand out from the rest?
Sensitization programs – give us any issue and we can devise a performance to educate the audience and prevote discussions (in English or local Zambian languages). Ideal for bringing issues to hard to reach rural/urban communities.
Large public events – we can create a spectacle like nothing you have ever seen before for any occasion!
Corporate Functions/Training – make your event stand out from the rest with a performance from Barefeet, or spice up your training days with a performance/workshop from Barefeet.
Private Parties – children and adults alike always love to watch our performers - acrobats, storytellers, statues, stilt walkers, fire eaters, walk-about, dancers, drummers.............we can also provide face painters!
Marketing Campaign – we use a variety of methods to get your message across to your target audience. From flash mobs to theater, people won’t forget your message once Barefeet have delivered it!
Festivals and Theater Productions – we have several theater productions which can be performed inside or outside, small or large scale.
Workshops – always wanted to learn how to drum/dance/do acrobatics? We can provide one off or regular workshops for children, young people and adults on any of Barefeet’s art forms. It could also help you to get fit!
Barefeet can also provide tailor made pieces for; National Holidays, Seasonal Celebrations, Store Openings, Cultural Events, Opening Ceremonies, Half-time entertainment at sports events and more! Just ask us, we are always open to new ideas!